Check Out This Live-Action Version Of Batman: The Animated Series’ Intro [Video]


It’s been 75 years since the Dark Knight first made his caped appearance in Detective Comics #27, and during that time Batman has popped up in all sorts of media, ranging from comic books to big screen flicks. One of my personal favorites was Bruce Timm’s TV show, Batman: The Animated Series. Much of my childhood was spent watching that classic cartoon. But enough with all the nostalgic feels and let’s get to the good stuff: someone took the classic intro from the series and made a fun, live-action version. It’s very cool, and you definitely have to check it out for yourself.

Watch the intro video after the break…

The video was directed and edited by Tomi Pietilä, with 3D art by Tommi Tuominen and cinematography by Teemu Saarinen (whole lot of “T’s” there, am I right?). Batman was played by Harri Kailanto. Overall, guys, I have to say job well done!

(via The Nerdist)


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