Chris Pratt, Nathan Fillion And Robert Downey Jr. Take The Ice Bucket Challenge [Video]


You’re likely all familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but in case you’re not, here’s the scoop. Once someone challenges you, then you have 24 hours to donate $10 to an ALS charity and dump a bucket of ice water on your head. If you opt out of the icy shower, then you have to donate $100 instead.

Chris Pratt was recently challenged, twice, so he upped the ante and this whole thing is now headed in a potentially crazy new direction. He’s just one of many celebrities to take the challenge, each adding their own twist. You can also catch Nathan Fillion, and even a shirtless Robert Downey Jr. taking their turns helping out a good cause.

See Pratt and Downey Jr. taking the challenge after the break.

(Tumblr and Tumblr, via The Mary Sue)


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