Comic Book Characters Mixed With Game of Thrones

got comic book art 1

Every week Comic Book Resources does a cool feature where they round up a collection of art with a uniting theme. Last week it was comic book characters put together with Game of Thrones characters. Yes, it is a freaking fantastic idea.

As you can imagine, the results that rolled in are fabulous. Just look at the above image! It’s Kitty Pryde meets Daenerys and it is the best thing ever. I know I’m not the only person who loves those two characters. Seriously – my head might explode. Thanks to artist Josh Gowdy for creating this awesome piece!

See a couple more wonderful mash-ups after the break.

The Game of Watchmen by Paul Hostetler:

got comic book art 2

Queen Emma by Axel Medellin:

got comic book art 3

Check out CBR for even more cool art!


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