Comic Books Explained In Dazzling Infographics

infographic superheroes book 3 - superman v flash

The entirety of the comic book universe is vast. There are so many decades of history and characters that it’s hard to summarize all of the twists and turns in a tidy package. Tim Leong might just nail it in his new book though. Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe takes you through the years with handy charts, bar graphs, timelines, and more. Pure educational eye candy.

You’ll examine how the Punisher decides whether to kill someone, what kind of relationships characters in the Marvel universe have with each other, and so on. He used official handbooks, visual chronicles, trading cards, and comics and graphic novels among other sources to pull the data. It was undeniably a ton of work, but it looks like it came together nicely. This is going on my wishlist.

Examples of the fabulous infographics and the cover of the book after the break.

infographic superheroes book 1

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infographic superheroes book 2 - punisher

infographic superheroes book 4 - marvel universe

Product Page ($16.44 via Kotaku)


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