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Could We Really Build a Starship Enterprise In Just 20 Years?

If you think Star Trek’s USS Enterprise is just science fiction, think again. BTE Dan of the Build the Enterprise website has proposed a full-sized, ion powered version with 1G of gravity and he says we can build it over the next 20 years with existing technology. The “Gen1” Enterprise could travel to the moon in 3 days or all the way to Mars in 90 days. He has worked out all the details, including full schematics and funding. Of course, the biggest challenging building it may be getting NASA to include it in their budget, but he’s even figured out how to do that as painlessly as possible. If it happens, he plans to build a new ship every 33 years, each more impressive than the last.

Think it can’t be done? In response to the naysayers he says, “If someone can convince me that it is not technically possible (ignoring political and funding issues), then I will state on the BuildTheEnterprise site that I have been found to be wrong. In that case, building the first Enterprise will have to wait for, say, another half century. But I don’t think that anyone will be able to convince me it can’t be done. My position is that we can – and should – immediately start working on it.” I agree. Engage!

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(Build The Enterprise via Universe Today)


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