Gorgeous Leather ‘Harry Potter’ Books Feature Embedded Horcrux Bookmarks


Check out these gorgeous custom hardback Harry Potter covers by Meg Krampf, owner of PeskyCat Papercraft.

Krampf purchased the book series from Amazon and then asked her local print shop to remove the bindings. She then went about creating her own leather bindings and included magnetic Horcrux bookmarks which snap into the front cover when they’re not keeping your place. Each book is further distinguished by quotes on the inner pages, stamped copper plates and metal wands on the spines.

After the set was created, Krampf put it up on eBay where it sold for $5,100. The proceeds will go to the charity of the bidder’s choosing.

She’s also done custom bindings for both The Hunger Games and Divergent series. After this set, I’m guessing she’s going to be pretty busy with new orders.

Take a closer look at her work in the galleries below.

Custom Harry Potter Hardback Books


(via Mashable)


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