Watch A Damascus Steel Sword Being Made In The Highest Of High-Defs [Video]


If you’re the sort of person who can afford to splash out on an 8K tellymonitorbox and who likes seeing pointy things get made, this is the video for you. For everyone else… eh, 1080p’s good enough, right?

Filmsmith Phil Holland has produced this video of swordsmith Tony Swatton working on a Roman Gladius Sword made from actual, factual Damascus steel. Filmed by using a Red Weapon 8K camera and showing off Swatton’s exemplary sword-making technique, “Forged” is a beautiful bit of video showing the craft at its finest. Unless it isn’t – we don’t know much about swordsmithery. Maybe he’s awful! But looking at the video, we bet he isn’t. We bet he’s really, really good.

Check out the video below.

Nice, right? Learn more about the video on Phil Holland’s website.

(via Sploid)


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