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‘Daria’ Co-Creator Reveals What The Cast Would Look Like Today

Daria co-creator Susie Lewis and character designer Karen Disher are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show with Entertainment Weekly by giving us a peek into the lives of the characters as they would be today. The results aren’t surprising. Take Daria and Jane for example:


“The sardonic teen has left the suburbs of Lawndale for New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen (naturally), where she’s grown up to become the only female writer on a late-night talk show. She lives alone — except for her black cat named Godzilla, who is toilet-trained, thanks to Daria’s hard work and dedication — and while she’s tried the online dating game, she hasn’t found anyone special quite yet. Oh, and in case you were wondering, she’s gotten past her crush on Trent.”


“Daria’s closest friend and confidante never gave up on her ambitions: She’s a professional artist who’s sold a few pieces, though she still hasn’t “made it big.” She lives in a loft in SoHo with her husband who’s an archaeologist and rarely home, so luckily the besties get to spend tons of time together. They enjoy going to art shows and film events where you’re supposed to socialize, but — surprise! — they only talk to each other.”

Speaking with EW, Susie Lewis admits that she would love to bring the show back. Would you like to see that? If so, would you like the show to be based around these older characters?

You can check out more pics and info about the Daria 2017 characters on Entertainment Weekly and in this month’s Untold Stories/Buffy reunion issue.

(via Collider)


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