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Dating Advice: How To Find Your Nerdy Soul Mate [Feature]

Watching Doctor Who is almost always better with someone special. Most things are. If you have geeky tendencies – especially if they rule your life – it’s helpful to find someone who will appreciate them. There are plenty of single men and women in the geek dating scene, you just have to put a little effort into finding them. Though it can start online, you’ll eventually have to leave your house. You’ve been warned.

It’s easier than ever to meet like-minded people online. If you’re specifically looking for love, go to a website intended for just that. You can find geeks on Twitter and similar social media sites but keep in mind that not everyone is there to date. The same rule applies to MMO games.

When you sign up for an online dating service be honest about your passions and dislikes in your profile. Consider using the services of Geek’s Dream Girl. They write online dating profiles just for geeks, and they released an e-book about online dating for geeks. If nothing else, visit their section for online dating tips

by trafegodigital

The online dating will hopefully result in phone conversations or an actual date in the three dimensional world. Again, don’t hide who you are. If someone was attracted to the mention of Star Wars in your profile (it can be a turn-on, just saying), feel free to talk about the movies. Remember that the prospect of a geek connection brought your date to the table. That said, it might not be the best idea to quiz your date on his or her geek knowledge either. You’ll be able to tell if someone is faking (dare I say it – pandering) geeky interests without going through an interrogation.

If you’d rather meet someone face to face first, you’ll have to get outside much sooner. Obviously, you’ll need to go places where geeks go. Chances are good that you already do that; you just have to open your eyes. I’m talking about your local comic book shop, a gaming store, or the action figure aisle at Target or Toys “R” Us. If you never see members of the opposite sex, change your routine. Going to those places at a different time of day could make a difference. Once you  see someone picking up exactly the comic, toy, or set of dice you were considering, start a conversation. You have a ready-made topic; it’s hard to mess it up.

Actually, that’s not true. You could turn it sour by acting conceited or condescending. For example, don’t give an entire history of Spider-Man with your opinion on every issue without being asked. Don’t look down on someone if he or she is picking up an issue of Thor because of the new movie. Do ask questions. Ask about favorite issues or storylines, ask what game recently kept the person up late, ask which toys he or she collects, etc. If you’re shy, this gives you something to say. If the other person is shy, it gives him or her an open door so they don’t have to fumble for small talk.

Another obvious place to meet fellow geeks is at conventions. Attendance can range from a couple of thousand to over a hundred thousand. Surely there will be many singles are in the crowd. Again, they’re not all attending because they want to find someone to date. You never know where a conversation could lead though. Besides, it’s much more fun than keeping to yourself. These are your people! They will understand your passions or be able to argue intelligently against them.

One way to open the door at conventions (or in everyday life) is to wear your favorite nerdy t-shirt. You probably just found the perfect one on a t-shirt of the day website. It’s like wearing a sign that declares your love for, say, Stargate: SG-1. It makes it easy for another fan to start a conversation with you. You’re instantly approachable and that dissolves awkwardness.

The key in all situations, whether online or in real life, is to start talking and be honest. Remember that a significant other doesn’t have to match you geek for geek. It’s okay to have different areas of interest, and it’s probably for the best. Don’t discount someone because he or she doesn’t play Dungeons & Dragons. Take time to learn more before making any decisions. You should also consider the idea of dating a non-geek. I know geek dating non-geek couples, and it works for some. I like guys I date to know how to spell Tatooine, but that’s just me.


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