David Tennant And Matt Smith Hang Out And Chat About Being The Doctor [Video]

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Well, the BBC tried to bribe us all into being quiet about spoilers when the DVDs shipped early and it looks like we were all good little girls and boys and got our reward. According to Stephen Moffat,

Well, no bad manners here! Two hundred and ten Doctor Who fans kept the secret, and many, many more fans helped. I wish I could send you all flowers, but I don’t know where you live (and, given our record, you really shouldn’t be sharing private information with us). So instead, if we can get our act together – and I forgive you for thinking that’s a big if – there will be a little video treat released on the Doctor Who site later tonight.

See the video of Matt Smith and David Tennant, both as The Doctor, talking about being The Doctor, after the break…

(Guardian via Bleeding Cool)


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