Deleted Scene From The Avengers Features a Confused Bruce Banner [Video]

The Avengers are coming to your homes soon. The DVD/Blu-ray is out on September 25, and I plan to watch it repeatedly for seven days. I’ll add on another seven days so I can watch all the special features and deleted scenes. One of the first of those scenes has leaked to the internet and features Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner considering his dual identity with a janitor.

It’s a nice moment that shows how much Banner weighs the advantages of becoming the Hulk against the good he can do as his human self. You can see that the constant struggle is always on his mind. Though I like the touch of humanity, it’s not amazing and I can see why this almost sixty second clip had to go. They definitely cover the territory throughout the film.

Watch the clip after the break.

What do you think of the scene?

(via /Film and Screen Rant)


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