Detroit, You’re Getting a Giant Robocop Statue Whether Your Mayor Likes It Or Not

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The internet can be really great sometimes, like when it takes a rejected suggestion tweeted to Detroit Mayor David Bing about erecting a giant Robocop statue for the city and then turns it into reality.

A Kickstarter page was created to raise the money to commission the statue with private funds, and it sailed to its $50,000 base goal within a week, largely thanks to the $25,000 donation submitted by San Francisco businessman, Pete Hottelet.

But the fundraising doesn’t end there. They are continuing to take donations at until the March 29th deadline so they can make the statue “as big and good as possible”. So awesome.

The group is currently working with the Mayor’s Office to determine a location for the statue. Possible sites include Comerica Park or Imagination Station.

(via Detroit Free Press)


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