Did The 11th Doctor Hang Out With The Beatles?

Though there are some disadvantages, being a Time Lord has a heck of a lot of perks. You get to witness great events in history across all of time and space and have experiences most people only dream about. Like for example, hanging out with The Beatles.

This allegedly legit picture was tweeted, and the person in the right front looks an awful lot like one 11th Doctor. I mean, that profile closely matches Matt Smith’s, even the hairstyle! Though many people have pointed out it’s likely Beatles manager Neil Aspinell, I’d rather believe The Doctor is real. I also think Doctor spottings are the next UFO spottings.

Anyways, the likeness is uncanny enough that even Steven Moffat responded and said “that clearly needs to be an episode.” It seems like an obvious tie-in and given the popularity of Doctor Who and The Beatles in Britain, I’m surprised it hasn’t already been written. Fingers crossed that it actually happens one day.

See a side profile picture of Matt Smith after the break for comparison.

(TARDIS Junkyard via The Mary Sue)


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