Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi Draws Fan Art Of Himself


A lot of actors claim to read the comics associated with their films or shows, but Doctor Who‘s Peter Capaldi (better known as the 12th Doctor) proved once again how far his love for the show goes. As any talented gentleman would, the actor created a painting inside of a personalized card meant for comic artist Rachel Stott, whose pen currently graces the pages of the Doctor Who series out by Titan Comics.

Here’s what the good Doctor had to say:


Speaking to Comic Book Resources, Stott couldn’t contain her joy (because that would be impossible):

Even though my job is constantly awesome and ridiculous, that ranks very highly as one of the most awesome and ridiculous things to have happened to me.

To not only get a letter, but a beautiful painting off your hero? I think that’s a once in a lifetime experience. I’m incredibly lucky.

On twitter, Stott’s reaction was a little closer to honesty:

Want to see more of Capaldi’s Doctor Who art? Check out this recently released video from the BBC. It features Capaldi talking about the Doctors he grew up with while he sketches their portraits:

You can catch up with the latest Doctor Who comics out from Titan here.

(via io9)


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