Drag Race: 1960s Batmobile vs. 1989 Batmobile [Video]

Given that the Batmobiles in question are working replicas, I’ll have to say that the following drag race between a 1960s Batmobile and a 1989 Batmobile isn’t exactly definitive. However, it is a lot of fun to watch (the race itself starts at 7:45).

Check it out after the break.

Honestly though, I would love to see these cars go around a track. I have a feeling that the ’60s Batmobile might have an easier time in the corners—until the ’89 Batmobile took it out with its superior firepower. Of course, that’s when the Tumbler would fly over the wall and mow over the Burtonmobile like a monster truck.

On that note, this is the first episode in a new Machinima series called Super Power Beat Down that pits two legends against one another. The next episode will pit Gandalf against Darth Vader.

(via GeekTyrant)


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