Drool Over McQuarrie-Inspired Concept Art For Star Wars Rebels

rebels art 5

The Star Wars Rebels panel at New York Comic Con was stuffed with information about the bad guys in the upcoming animated series. Besides the reveal of the Inquisitor as the primary villain, Lucasfilm also showed off plenty of concept art. It showcased the planet of Lothal where the Empire will set up and try to recruit locals as well as the many modes of Imperial transport.

The designs are heavily influenced by the work of Ralph McQuarrie, and that’s apparent in these images. The animation department studied everything from the brush strokes to the line weight, and they are getting the details just right.

See more of the impressive art after the break.

rebels art 1

rebels art 2

rebels art 3

rebels art 4

rebels art 6

rebels art 7

More images at Jedi News.

(via /Film)


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