Five Memorable Pieces of Music From Sci-Fi and Fantasy Television [Featured]

Firefly - Jayne and Hat

The right track of music can take a television show from 10 to 11. Scores can improve TV series, make emotional moments hit harder, and can really stick with you. Hearing any track from Battlestar Galactica makes me recall the episode it’s from and sometimes the feelings of my first time watching it. Listening to “With Love, Vincent” from Doctor Who by Murray Gold makes me cry any time it pops up in my iTunes shuffle. I’ve selected five choices as a few examples of moving music from science fiction and fantasy television (I could easily list from each composer!).

Check out my five choices after the break.

Battlestar Galactica‘s “All Along the Watchtower” arranged by Bear McCreary instantly became the version of the song I think of first. It’s importance in season three with the revealing of the final Cylons is just too freaking awesome.

“The Rains of Castamere” from Game of Thrones is wonderful both for the chilling lyrics and sound as well as the significance to the story. This rendition was recorded by The National, and it’s perfect. If you don’t know why this song is important, do not look it up – you’ll spoil yourself on something big and hate me. Also, I really love “Fire and Blood” from season one by Ramin Djawadi.

Murray Gold is right up there with Bear McCreary as one of my favorite composers, and “This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home” from season three of Doctor Who is a shining example of his talent. It hits a whole range of emotions and is a piece I listen to on repeat sometimes.

Even though The Message doesn’t rank among my top episodes of Firefly, Greg Edmonson’s piece called “The Funeral” always gets me right in the feels.

The opening credits of Sherlock as composed by David Arnold and Michael Price aren’t long, but they are perfect.

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