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Five Of The Greatest On Screen Robots/Androids Of All-Time [Featured]


Robots and androids are a huge part of science fiction. Yes, I know. Call me Captain Obvious. They are intelligent, occasionally evil, and sometimes human in appearance or in feeling. The human vs. machine conflict is classic as is the internal struggle of a mechanical life form to find humanity within itself. I’ve thought about some of the robots I’ve seen on screen and I came up with five of the ones most memorable to me.

R2-D2 is at the top of the list. He bleeps and bloops in an adorable fashion, and he’s loyal to a fault. He’s able to think outside of his programming, and he saves the live of our heroes across the films (and in The Clone Wars) time and time again. He proves to be more reliable than silly humans.

See my other four picks after the break.

Number Six

Number Six was my favorite of the Cylons. The different iterations of her model were fascinating. You’ve got the world destroying, baby killing version from the miniseries who later returns to eventually attempt a Cylon reform. Caprica Six specifically had fascinating jumps in character and really grew on me over the series.


Who doesn’t want to own a K-9? The robot traveled alongside the Doctor and proved to be a very handy and capable companion. He has a laser weapon built into his nose and and has encyclopedic knowledge. Wrap all that into a cute doggie shaped package, and you can’t lose. Bonus: no one has to clean up after up him.

Data TNG

I’m not just choosing Data because he owned a cat (though I did find it endearing). Data’s struggle with emotion and his interactions with the Star Trek: TNG crew as he tried to learn all he could about being human was both interesting and sad to watch. It may seem silly, but it always made me consider how much we take the fact that we have feelings for granted.


The Replicators from Stargate make my list because they are genuinely terrifying. They win the numbers game because they can self-replicate from metals, and they don’t stop for anything really. It’s easy to see why they scared the Asgard. The pesky bugs became even more intimidating when they took human form.

Obviously, this list isn’t all inclusive. Tell me about your favorite skin jobs, droids, and mechanical life forms in the comments. Also, watch this:


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