Former Doctor Admits To A Seriously Awesome Cameo In “The Day of the Doctor”

doctor who 50th

If you don’t want any spoilers about cameos in the upcoming The Day of the Doctor, even ones that aren’t confirmed, stop reading now.

We already know there have been some lies about who was involved in the 50th anniversary celebration for Doctor Who. Paul McGann insisted he wasn’t part of it, but he showed up in a mini episode prequel. And now, we have someone else who wasn’t supposed to be in the special stating he’s making an appearance: Tom Baker. How fabulous would that be?

Baker leaked the news in an interview with the Huffington Post. He said the following:

“I am in the special,” said Baker. “I’m not supposed to tell you that, but I tell you that very willingly and specifically; the BBC told me not to tell anybody but I’m telling you straightaway.”

That sounds rather certain to me, but BBC won’t officially confirm it. When HuffPo reached out all BBC had to say was this very cagey statement:

“As with William Hartnell’s recent appearance in the last season finale, anything is possible in Doctor Who. But nothing is certain.”

Huh. It would certainly be a delight to see other Doctors than just the ones in the modern series. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more familiar faces besides Baker. Just two more days until we know all the things!

(HuffPo via Geekosystem)


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