Functional Stargate Lights Up And Moves, Almost Creates A Wormhole [Video]

functional stargate 1

Itching to take a trip across the galaxy? One of the fastest ways to travel would be by transporting through a stargate. The device seen in the film of the same name and SG-1 can connect to other gates across the galaxy; all you have to do is dial a working phone number and jump into a wormhole. Bam. Though this miniature stargate by YouTuber TheEnchantedBeer won’t provide instant transport, it does light up and move.

The creator built it for a Hack a Day project from polypropylene sheets, a cutting board, an Arduino Uno, and a few more odds and ends. All the details had to take a while to get just right, but the light and motion tests already look good. I can’t wait to see the completely finished project.

See some close-up photos and watch a video after the break.

functional stargate 2

functional stargate 3

(HAD via Neatorama)


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