George R.R. Martin Is Working On a Song of Ice and Fire History Coffee Table Book


Though George R.R. Martin is working on The Winds of Winter (book six of the A Song of Ice and Fire series), he’s also putting words on paper for other projects. At the recent ConQuest, GRRM discussed an upcoming book, The World of Ice and Fire. As reported by an attendee, he was supposed to write 50,000 words for the history tome but actually wrote 250,000. The extra words have been put in file for the “GRRM-arillion” to happen down the road. Pharout reported:

The premise of the “World” book is that it is a copy of a tome presented to Robert just after the Rebellion. The “article” he read was written by a Maester Glyndon. Glyndon distilled his work from three other accounts of the conquest: one from a septon, one from a Grand Maester, and one from “The Tales of Mushroom” a court fool. George actually wrote all three of these pieces as well.

The Guardian followed up with HarperCollins and confirmed the completed book will be around 100,000 words in length and co-authored by Elio M. Garcia. It’s a coffee table sort of book with history and legends from Westeros, and there will be plenty of gorgeous art to drool over. Garcia had teased the following content earlier this month:

Like the story of the fall of the Tarbecks and the Reynes, the surprising person from whom the Lannisters are descended, more history of the Vale and the arrival of the Andals, and a good deal more.

The tentative release date is spring of 2014. Martin’s publisher Jane Johnson was quick to reassure fans that Martin isn’t working on it at the expense of the next book. Which is good because we’re all very ready to get on with it.

(The Guardian via TMS)


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