Get All of MacGyver’s Hacks And Recipes In One Place

The name “MacRecipes” sounds like it might have something to do with Apple, but the truth is that it is a comprehensive list of every MacGyver hack and recipe compiled from every episode over the show’s seven year run.

Have you ever wondered in how many different episodes MacGyver has made an arc welder (answer: 3 times in episodes 6, 52, and 87)? Or perhaps you forgot about your favorite episode (season 1, episode 12) when Mac escapes via a casket that transforms into a jetski. And how many times has Mac made a diversion? In order to placate all of your MacGyver-related curiosities, we offer you MacRecipes.

Each little box represents a single episode, and you can browse by ingredient by clicking on the red text to see how many times it was used in a MacGyver hack.

(MacRecipes via Flowing Data via Geekosystem)


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