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Girls Walks a Marathon While Watching a Lord of The Rings Marathon

As the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey approaches, many of us are thinking about Lord of the Rings marathons. They clock in at 9-12 hours and take up the whole day. Redditor preservetheverve decided to do something a little different while watching the films this time: she traversed 26.2 miles on her treadmill.

She started out the marathon with bare feet like a Hobbit, but she had to put shoes on before long. She did it so she wouldn’t feel lazy for watching all three films, and it sounds like it would be quite the test of endurance.  She offers some tips if you’d like to repeat this journey:

Have a support group to keep you going because about halfway through the second movie it got hard and it never got easier. Have someone watch the movies with you to keep you honest and to bring you food and water. I think I drank 7-8 bottles of water overall. It is going to hurt and it’s not going to stop hurting so you’re just going to have to power through. I told a lot of people I was doing this so if I backed out or failed I would have to live it down and that was good motivation to keep going when I wanted to call it quits. Luckily the LOTR trilogy has a lot of inspirational speeches about not turning back and soldiering on, so that kept my spirits up. If you want to do the marathon the full length of the movie remember 9 hours is a loooong time, when the movie wasn’t enough to distract me, I had my mom’s ipad and checked my email/facebook or played sudoku. I texted progress reports to my friends to relieve some boredom and so they could keep tabs on me. After I was done all of my leg joints were hurting so I iced and elevated them and popped some Aleve. Today I have some minor pain where my thighs meet my hips but no real problem walking or moving around. I wouldn’t say the act itself was fun but I feel accomplished and I was able to watch all the LOTR movies without feeling like a lazy pile. Good luck!

And to think all I typically do during movie marathons is eat.

(Reddit via The Mary Sue)


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