Gorgeous Doctor Who Concept Art By Matthew Savage

dw concept art 1

I’ll never grow weary of looking at concept art because it’s a fascinating combination of what might have been and what is. Artist Matt Savage (concept artist on X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass, The Dark Knight and Prometheus) completed a fair amount of concept designs for the modern era of Doctor Who, and they’re freaking beautiful. He takes on Cybermen and Dalek designs but also the TARDIS interior and details on the navigation console. Savage’s art has a realistic yet magical feel that makes you wish you could step right into the illustrations – especially the one pictured above!

See more examples of Savage’s work after the break.

dw concept art 2

dw concept art 3

dw concept art 4

dw concept art 5

dw concept art 6

dw concept art 7

time lord omega

You can see even more work on Savage’s website and blog.

(Reddit via io9)


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