Guy’s Girlfriend Made Him Sell That Giant AT-ST Walker


Before you go and snap up that life-sized AT-ST Walker that’s up on eBay, you better make sure your girlfriend won’t mind having it in the backyard. That’s how the thing ended up on eBay in the first place. According to Martin Fillery, the guy who owns it, his girlfriend is why it’s up for sale.

I think my girlfriend is starting to get a bit worried about me. I’ve always been a bit mad, and I love sci-fi stuff, but my spending on props is going through the roof. …The Scout Walker is amazing, but I realised pretty quickly that it was just too big to use as on stage, so I’m selling it so I can get more toys.

I wonder if his girlfriend realizes that she may have just traded the devil she knows for the devil her boyfriend has yet to purchase.

(The Daily Mail via Gizmodo)


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