Hayao Miyazaki Is Building A Magical Nature Park For Children

Miyazaki Nature Park

While legendary Studio Ghibli co-founder and director Hayao Miyazaki may have retired from moviemaking, he’s certainly not giving up on creating magic in the world. To that end he’s planning to invest 300 million yen ($2.5 million) of his own money to open a 10,000-acre nature park for children called “The Forest Where the Wind Returns”.

Located in the Zendo Forest Park on the island of Kume in Okinawa, Japan, the park is being designed as a natural playground. Kids can run, jump, climb, and let the landscape be their jungle gym. The park will also have a library and sleeping accommodations for roughly 30 people.

Basically, it sounds like living (and playing) inside a Miyazaki movie.

Construction starts in the spring of 2016 and the park is estimated to open in 2018.

(THR via Buzzfeed)


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