Help Fund a Graphic Novel About a Superhero Who Fights Cancer

Superhero Cancer

Far too many children have to face an evil villain every day. It’s not the kind who wears a cape or has a pointy beard, but it’s far worse. It’s cancer.

Shira watched her husband fight pediatric bone cancer. He passed away at the age of 24, but she was inspired by how he constantly spread goodwill and hope to patients in the children’s oncology ward with him. To honor his legacy, she created a comic book superhero who does something out of the ordinary: he fights cancer.

The world is in need of a true superhero. Not to stop a speeding train. Or to scale a skyscraper in pursuit of masked marauders. But to face the vile nemesis that children of all races and religions battle on a daily basis. Cancer.

JJ Barak is the world’s first such hero, and I need your help in bringing him to life. Nistar is a 104 page, fully colored graphic novel about JJ Barak and his battles against Cancer, illustrated by none other than renowned comic book artist Josef Rubinstein (published by Marvel and DC comics) as well as other comic book artists.

Shira is trying to get that story published, and she plans to distribute Nistar to children with cancer worldwide – for free. She’s using Indiegogo to crowdfund. They’ve hit the minimum goals and now they are hoping to meet stretches.

You can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for another month.

Watch the campaign video after the break.

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