How To Make Five Futurama Props Super Cheap [Featured]

There’s been a lot of Futurama cosplay over the years, but here are four props from the show you could (and should) make! Plus, these little projects are super cheap to do and major fun for kids.

Richard NIxon’s Head (in a jar)
Get yourself a jar and a Nixon mask. Use a cut up piece of an egg carton (the little egg-holdy-bit), paint them to look like eyes, and insert them into the mask’s eyeholes. Fill the jar with a clear gelatin. Fridge, and boom! Nixon’s head. In a jar.

If you want to make it talk, get a little recording device and just tape it on the underside of the jar.

(Mini) Smell-O-Scope
A Smell-O-Scope is a sort of collapsible telescope that Professor Farnsworth uses to smell odors over great distances. Why? Why NOT.

You aren’t going to be able to make this to scale (or, I don’t know, maybe you can if you have a lot of time on your hands), but a portable one shouldn’t be too hard. Get yourself some cardboard tubes of different sizes, construction paper, paint, and some cardboard boxes. Insert the tubes into each other, use the construction paper for the biggest part of the “telescope” at the end, and then use the boxes (cut up!) as gears. Paint at will.

If you want it to really “work”, rotate different perfume samples ripped from magazines, or a paper dipped in vanilla, into the inner edge of the ‘scope.

Can of Slurm
This one’s easy. Get a regular soda can and just print/laminate up a copy of the Slurm logo. When you attach it to the soda can, use a strong tape and/or glue to combat condensation. You can find the logo either online or just draw it yourself. Then again, you could just try and hunt down some actual Slurm Energy Drink.

Do you remember that once upon a time, your 5th grade teacher made you play the recorder? Do you remember that, for some reason, you took the recorder to college with you? Would you like to know what to do with it now?

Make a Holophonor. Duh.

Get your recorder and stick a light-up spinning top into its end. For the weird little purple dealie, you can use small plush pillows attached around the base of the recorder or just some filled-up tissue paper.


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