How To Paint a 150 Foot Tall Batman

Yes, this is an actual painting on the side of a building at 315 Park Avenue South in New York City. The ad for The Dark Knight Rises is the latest mural in a long line of hand-painted ads to grace the side of this building. It’s the work of Dan Cohen of Art FX Murals, who paints a new mural every 6-8 weeks in what is a grueling but rewarding process.

Much like any mural, he starts off by breaking a life-sized image of the picture into a simple outline. Next he punches holes in the outline and uses charcoal over it like a stencil to transfer the outline to the wall. Then, the painting process can begin. It took four guys working sunrise to sunset about five days to create this beautiful mural. It’s hard to believe they’ll paint right over it again in a few short months.

Read all the details and see the work-in-progress pictures over at Tor.


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