Ikea Bans Hide-And-Seek In Its Stores [Video]


You can get lost in an Ikea store, but you cannot play hide-and-seek in one. The company has banned the game in its Dutch stores after news that 32,000 people were planning to hold an epic game at a location in the Netherlands. It would have been a follow-up to a much smaller, but highly successful event. According to Bloomberg,

About 500 people joined in the game, according to Annelies Nauwelaerts, a spokeswoman for Ikea Belgium. People were hiding in fridges, under stuffed toys, under Ikea’s blue shopping bags and even in the storage space under beds, said De Rijck, a regular Ikea shopper.

Of course, you can’t blame Ikea for spoiling the fun here. If that’s what happened with 500 people, just imagine the utter chaos with tens of thousands. Still, there are other ways to work on your hide-and-seek game at Ikea.

See the video after the break.

(via Gizmodo)


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