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Image From Google Earth Reveals a Major Set From Catching Fire

Catching Fire Quarter Quell Arena

The second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, isn’t coming to theaters until November 22, 2013. It’s a long wait and fans are eager to devour any information about filming. Casting, locations, set photos – whatever. We’ll take anything, but this week we got lucky.

Stop here to avoid spoilers for Catching Fire.

A couple of loyal and dedicated fans – starfishtony and Whedonite96 combed Google Earth for the shooting location of the film and found something awesome: an overhead view of the arena for the Quarter Quell. When our tributes get stuck playing in another game, they are challenged by the mostly aquatic arena. Even though they filmed in Hawaii, nothing there provided quite the look they needed –  a circular beach surrounded by a jungle with a place to put the Cornucopia in the middle. So they built it in Clayton County International Park in Georgia. This image gives me the chills.

They’ve also spotted what appears to be the area for the Districts’ parade. Check that out after the break.


This aerial view was posted at The Hob last October.

Aerial view of the Quarter Quell

(Tor via io9)


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