Incredible Handmade Model of A Space Jockey From Alien Is For Sale

space jockey 1

If you’re a big fan of Ridley Scott’s Alien (and you have deep pockets), get ready to sit on your hands to avoid temptation. Artist Dave Tootill has created a 1/8 model of a Space Jockey, and it’s available for purchase. He used a mix of materials to create the sculpture including styrofoam, metal rods, tubing, curtain rings, and lots of Das (modeling) clay. What’s more impressive than the materials list, which you can review on Tootill’s site, is the amount of time he spent whipping the Space Jockey into shape. Are you ready for this? It took him about 900 hours over a two year period. Holy Xenomorph eggs!

The finished sculpture measures 55 inches long by 36 inches tall. It looks creepy but beautiful and really does justice to H.R. Giger’s design.

See more pictures of the sculpt after the break.

space jockey 2

space jockey 3

space jockey 4


Product Page ($8,900 via Technabob)


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