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Infographic Explains The Different Timelines In Looper

If you haven’t seen Looper, move along. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

If you have seen the time travel movie starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt you might have left the theater shaking your head about the various timelines. The story jumped around to the future, then back to the past, then to the future, and then to the present. Or something like that. The key point of the film was Joe trying to prevent a dark future. He changed his fate and therefore altered a whole series of events, presumably stopping Cyd becoming the holy terror that is the Rainmaker. But was he successful?

Noah Iliinsky made a chart showing the different timelines and possibilities and says:

Regardless of how we classify it, the key question Looper presents is: Can modifying the past significantly affect the future, or are some outcomes inevitable? While some aspects of the film clearly indicate that we can change our futures by changing our pasts, the open question we’re left with is whether Joe really is able to successfully alter a probable future?

Check out the infographic after the break (click to enlarge).

(via Underwire)


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