Interactive Fan-Made “Game of Thrones” Map Helps You Keep It All Straight


George R.R. Martin has created an incredibly detailed world for his stories and although that detail brings everything vividly to life, it also makes it all a bit confusing. Sometimes it would be nice to have a little visual aid to help in figuring out where everything happens in the books and on the show. To that end, superfan SerMountainGoat has created QuarterMaester to help. It’s the perfect companion to this geological map of Westeros we previously posted.

The interactive map is fantastically detailed and could easily have fans of Game of Thrones whiling away hours absorbing it all. It’s got typical map locations with cities, towns, and ports, but it’s also got character locations and links to the Game of Thrones wiki so you can get even more detail. If you’re worried about spoilers, no need, because you control just how far you dig into it all, so you can always stop when you get to the point where you’ve read or watched and then go no further.

(The A.V. Club via Nerdist)


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