It Seems Bill Nighy Turned Down His Chance To Play The Doctor


News broke recently that Bill Nighy was offered, and turned down, the role of The Doctor in Doctor Who—though he refused to divulge when he was offered the part out of respect to the actors that ended up in the role.

Nighy explained, “..I didn’t want to be the Doctor. No disrespect to Doctor Who or anything, I just think that it comes with too much baggage.”

I can understand that. Nighy is one of those actors who seems to love bringing something different to any role he plays and stepping into The Doctor’s shoes does mean you’re stepping into a role that eleven other actors have played. Nighy strikes me as the sort of actor who’s really not a fan of being compared to anyone. Maybe because he’s fairly incomparable.

That said, he definitely had positive things to say about Capaldi.

“He’s a marvelous actor. He’ll be very good as the Doctor. He’ll bring a lot of wit and dry humour. He’s elegant and he looks great.”

I’d say the same thing about Nighy, personally. But I’m happy this leaves him free to do things like play elder vampires and aging rock singers.

(The Express via The Mary Sue)


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