John Barrowman Is Captain Jack In Real Life

John Barrowman doesn’t just play Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood, he is Captain Jack. He was staying at a Glasgow hotel recently when he tackled a possible thief who ransacked a room and punched a member of the hotel’s staff. The teen tried to run away after he was caught in the act of attempting theft, and Barrowman happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was escorting his parents back to their room after a concert when he saw what was happening. Barrowman said:

“The concierge was trying to sort my air conditioning.

“We heard this woman scream and shout, ‘Stop him, stop him.’ We saw this young boy running down the hallway. I told the concierge to chase him and called the hotel operator and told them to block the staircase so we could get him. The lad had tried to get away through the staff elevator and punched the concierge. I grabbed the kid’s ankles, yanked him to the ground and then pulled him out into the hallway. I pinned him down. My tour manager then arrived and the three of us held him down until the police came.”

Then, in a classy move, he stated he’d like to offer the youth a job. He wants to “find out the boy’s story and give him a second chance.” Well played, Barrowman, well played.

(Wales Online via The Mary Sue)


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