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Joss Weighs In On The Veronica Mars Kickstarter and More Firefly


You knew it was coming. The question was there as soon as people saw just how insanely good the response was to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter that launched earlier this week. (If you’re wondering, they’ve blown it out of the water. 3.3 million and counting with 28 days to go.)

What was the question?

“So, now that we know this can be done, when is Joss going to do a Firefly Kickstarter?”

Adam Vary at Buzzfeed asked Joss the same question and, it turns out Joss has been giving it some thought. But he wasn’t gleefully planning. Turns out he was quietly fretting.

ABV: So, what does this mean for Firefly?

JW: That’s what everybody wants to know about. Uh, yeah. My fourth feeling when I read about [the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign] was a kind of dread. Because I realized the only thing that would be on everybody’s mind right now. I’ve said repeatedly that I would love to make another movie with these guys, and that remains the case. It also remains the case that I’m booked up by Marvel for the next three years, and that I haven’t even been able to get Dr. Horrible 2 off the ground because of that. So I don’t even entertain the notion of entertaining the notion of doing this, and won’t. Couple years from now, when Nathan [Fillion]’s no longer [on] Castle and I’m no longer the Tom Hagen of the Marvel Universe and making a giant movie, we might look and see where the market is then. But right now, it’s a complete non-Kickstarter for me.

So, it looks like you’ll have to hold your horses a few more years before the “will Joss bring back Firefly” questions start flying again.

But it’s nice to know that it’s because everyone’s busy working instead of everyone’s busy getting cancelled, right?

Thank you to Robert Wrong for the tip.

(via CinemaBlend)


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