It Might Be Time To Let Firefly Go


For many years, fans of Firefly have interpreted every sneeze of Joss Whedon’s as a sign that the beloved series is coming back. I understand the desire to see Captain Reynolds and the crew come back, but sometimes you just need to let go. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, people involved with the series are busy these days.

Joss Whedon was recently making the rounds for Much Ado About Nothing, and Coming Soon asked the inevitable question about Firefly. This is what he had to say:

“Right now I’m happy to say everybody is working doing good jobs. There’s a real fear of ‘The Monkey’s Paw,’ you know? You bring it back to life and it isn’t the same. Even if it’s GREAT and it isn’t the same. I’m dying to get on a ship with those guys again, but I’m also doing yet another goddamn huge ensemble movie [‘The Avengers 2’]. Why can’t I do a movie about just one guy? So right now I can’t even access that part of my brain. If all the planets align that would be great, but I’m not going to do what I did the first time and move heaven and earth to make it happen.”

Not too long after that comment, Hit Fix talked to Nathan Fillion about the space western while Fillion was doing press for Monsters University. He said the following:

“You know, that was a project that…it lived for so short a time and such a long time ago, I would look at that as an impossibility,” he said. “Joss Whedon made a movie of it, something I also considered an impossibility, so I look at that and say, ‘Where is the hope?’ But knowing Joss Whedon…I try not to underestimate that man.”

He handled it graciously, but it was dismissive. That coupled with Whedon’s reaction, well, it doesn’t look great. I can’t say I’ve believed any rumblings about a return of the show in the past few years, and I’ll take this as a further sign that Firefly has had its time.

What do you guys think?

(Blastr via TMS)


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