Khal Drogo Joins The Dark Side In This Incredible Artwork


Khal Drogo was pretty tough and no one in his right mind would mess with the guy, but as a Sith Lord he’d be terrifying. This artwork by devianArtist jbcasacop is the first in a series titled Star Wars: The Throne Wars.

Dark lord of the Khalasar. I’m a fan of Star Wars. I’m also a fan of Game of Thrones. I couldn’t decide which one I was going to make fan art of so I thought of doing both! Here’s our favorite Dothraki depicted as a sith. This is the first of my Star Wars: The Throne Wars series. I shall make use of my spare time to make more of these!

Can a metal bikini-clad Khalessi be far behind?

(via io9)


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