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Lovely Edo Period X-Men

Remember the time you imagined the X-Men in a Samurai period drama? No? If you haven’t pondered upon that amazing combination, don’t worry – Alex Mitchell has put a lot of thought into it and has drawn it into existence. He’s broken down why various X-Men characters fit into roles during the Edo period:

When reimagining with the X-Men, one must choose which X-Men to reimagine. I decided to use the 90’s animated series line-up, which combined most of the old classic characters with many of the best second generation characters. A solid nine-man group.

Marvel’s X-Men are much more down-to-Earth characters compared to many superheroes. Contrasting with the larger-than-life figures of the Sengoku era, this time around I chose the relatively stable Edo Period in Japanese history, arguably the cultural high point in feudal Japan. Despite the lack of large-scale wars that marked the preceding years, social unrest was brewing that would eventually lead to the revolutionary changes of the Meiji era. Class stratification and government control was very strict, and those outside the bounds of society suffered prejudice and persecution. Against this political backdrop I set my X-men, outcasts from the mainstream, with powers and backstories that combine fanciful folklore, historical figures, and other culturally relevant stuff.

Alex: you are awesome.

See individual characters after the break.

Check out more at Alex’s DeviantArt gallery.

(The Mary Sue via Neatorama)


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