Martin Freeman Says Sherlock Will Return On Christmas 2015

John Watson

Being a fan of BBC’s Sherlock means getting used to waiting a long time in between each season, and according to Martin Freeman, we’ll have to be patient quite a while longer. He told Telegraph that the show likely won’t be back until Christmas 2015 and that filming in early 2015 “looks pretty likely.” He said:

“If that’s going to be a special – I’m speaking off-message here; if this was New Labour I’d get fired – I think that might be for next Christmas. A Christmas special. That’s what I understand.”

Back in April, Freeman told Radio Times there was an idea for a one-off special that was a “mouth-watering idea.” This could be what he was referencing, but it’s hard to say for certain. I’d recommend not getting too excited about more Sherlock until the BBC releases official news.

(via BuzzFeed)


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