Marvel’s Taking a Page From The Relaunch Book With 22 New Series

Given DC Comics New 52, it was just a matter of time before Marvel did something similar. Enter Marvel NOW!. The new initiative starts in October with 22 series relaunches. However, they’ve made it clear it is not a DC style reboot. There will be new titles, costumes, and the series numbers will change but it’s just a relaunching of characters rather than a complete overhaul.  They’ll launch a new series every week from October through February 2013.

Marvel released some information about which titles will be included in the new series now, but there will surely be more news at Comic-Con:

The short list of confirmed titles are Avengers, said to be written by Jonathan Hickman with over 18 members on the team, X-Men, written by Brian Michael Bendis dealing with the original five X-Men time traveling to present day, and The Uncanny Avengers, which will have a roster including Cap, Wolverine, Thor, Rogue, Havok, and others.

Honestly, reading news like this makes me happy that I’ve got so much superhero comic book history to catch up on that it will take me a while to get to this new stuff with crossovers and relaunches. I read just a handful of current superhero titles, and I’m pretty okay with that.

(EW via Superhero Hype)


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