Matt Smith Would Love For Peter Jackson To Direct An Episode of Doctor Who, And Peter Jackson Is Game

Could Peter Jackson move from Hobbitses to Time Lords? If Matt Smith has his way, perhaps.

Smith spoke with New Zealand based Waikato Times and said he’d definitely be up for filming an episode of Doctor Who on the beautiful shores of Middle Earth. While he was pondering the possibility he said:

“Let’s get Peter Jackson to direct one and go and make it in New Zealand. I would love to, I will campaign endlessly to come over and film there. There’s clearly a great film industry out there. It’s something I would be very interested in, it’s just whether we can persuade the producers to fly us all over.”

Peter Jackson. Doctor Who. Just imagine. I mean, he’d have to direct three episodes because that’s his thing, but I’d be okay with that! Waikato Times asked Jackson for comment, and he replied with enthusiasm:

”I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and I think Matt’s fantastic. Just name a time and place, and I’ll be there!”

Fingers crossed that it happens, and that there are a race of elves involved in the plot.

(Doctor Who TV via Blastr)


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