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Middle Earth Transit Notices Are All Around The New York Metro System

middle earth transit sign 1

Take a good look around next time you use the New York City mass transit system, and you might spot something unusual. Come to think of it, that’s probably an everyday occurrence. You can specifically keep your eyes peeled for Middle Earth transit signs by artist William Puck. He’s designed over 200 fake transit posters for the world of the Lord of the Rings since last January. His line up has everything from Middle Earth transit cards to posters advising the young and spry to give up their seats to tired Ents. He gets inspiration from actual MTA posters he sees around the city.

Puck’s creative work blends the modern and fantastical well enough to make you look twice and wonder if you have somehow wandered into an urbanized Middle Earth. Once Puck finds the right place to put a poster up, he posts images to Twitter and Instagram so fans can find them.

Check out more signs after the break.


middle earth transit sign 2



the dead marshes


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