More Awesome Nerdy Carved Crayons By Hoang Tran

carved crayons 1

Many people use crayons to color art, but Hoang Tran turns the tools into art. We’ve seen his incredible crayon carvings of the house sigils from Game of Thrones, but he’s posted plenty of other colorful art online. His latest batch of crayon sculptures features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Han Solo, Hello Kitty, Captain America, and more.

You can buy crayons and glass tubes for displaying them in his Etsy shop, Wax Nostalgic. The miniature pieces of art start at $32.

See more of Tran’s work after the break.

carved crayons 2

carved crayons 6

carved crayons 3

carved crayons 4

carved crayons 5

carved crayons 7

carved crayons 8

(MMM via GoA)


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