Neil deGrasse Tyson Discusses Why He Likes Star Trek More Than Star Wars [Video]


Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks eloquently on a huge number of subjects but, more often than not, the subject is geeky. A few years ago he talked about the astrophysics of Star Trek and commented that, “They’ve made admirable attempts to do the correct things with physics.” He points out you can’t go into it nitpicking every aspect but instead should look at how they’ve done in their attempt. He’s a fair guy. It only makes sense that he’d like Star Trek more than Star Wars in that regard.

As much as I love Star Wars, it doesn’t approach science and technology in the same way as Trek. In fact, it barely addresses it. He recently told Business Insider the following:

“I’m old-school with the big traditional TV and movie series, so I’m old-school Star Trek. I’m partial to the old crew, Captain Kirk.”

“I never got into Star Wars,” Tyson tells us. “Maybe because they made no attempt to portray real physics. At all.”

Watch the video from Business Insider as well as the one about the astrophysics of Star Trek after the break.

(Washington Post via io9)


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