New Game of Thrones Set Photos Show Daario and Missandei

Game of Thrones is currently filming in Ouarzazate, Morocco and set photos have been popping up from time to time. Most recently Swedish kickboxer Richard Nordstrand – who is playing one of the Unsullied – has been tweeting pictures of himself and his co-stars. I’m surprised it’s allowed, but I guess it could be a strategic way to leak information.

Besides showing the beautiful location and Nordstrand posing with the likes of Emilia Clarke and Iain Glen, the images also reveal what new characters Daario and Missandei will look like. The actors for the roles were announced a couple of months ago, but it’s always interesting to see how they are interpreted. I won’t give away who they are within the story, but I can say that in the books Daario has blue hair and a beard. I’m very bummed to see they didn’t keep that trait, but I guess that could have been tricky to make that look natural instead of silly.

Check out more photos after the break.



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