New Novella From George R. R. Martin Will Feature The Targaryens

George R. R. Martin seems to have endless material to pull from in the world he’s created. It’s a testament to how fleshed out the world of Westeros is that he can tell stories from the past and that we as readers care about reading them. He recently told a story from that history for an anthology he edited, titled Dangerous Women; his contribution is called “The Princess and the Queen.”

The novella will describe the beginnings of the Targaryen Civil War. Yes, those crazy silver haired Targaryens (not Dany and Viserys, I just like that picture). That internal war is also known as “The Dance of the Dragons.” It split Westeros in half and had family members and their dragons fighting against each other. It sounds freaking fantastic.

While I’m excited about this novella – I really, truly am – I hope it didn’t take too much attention away from The Winds of Winter. ‘Cause I’m like that.

( via TMS)


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