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Leonard Nimoy Gets His Own Asteroid


Leonard Nimoy passed away earlier this year at the age of 83, and has now been honored with his very own asteroid. According to Universe Today,

4864 Nimoy, a mountain-sized rock roughly 6 miles (10 km) across, orbits the Sun once every 3.9 years within the inner part of the main asteroid belt between Mars and Vulcan, er Jupiter.

This isn’t the first asteroid with Star Trek roots. The publication also notes:

While Leonard Nimoy’s name will forever tumble about the asteroid belt, his fictional character got there before him. Or did it? 2309 Mr. Spock (former 1971 QX1) was discovered by James Gibson on August 16, 1971. An outer main belt asteroid about 13 miles (21 km) across and orbiting the Sun every 5.23 years, it’s actually not named for the Star Trek character. Nope. Gibson named it for his cat.

4864 Nimoy will be passing close enough next month that you will be able to see it with the right telescope. There have been lots of Nimoy tributes since his passing, but this one might be the most fitting.

(Blastr via The Mary Sue / Image: Stellarium)


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