Now You Can Hitch A Ride With Optimus Prime On Uber


Optimus Prime is one hardworking, down-to-earth robot. Sure, he’s made it big as a movie star, but you know what? He likes to keep it real. Stay humble. And he does that by picking up extra work as a taxi driver. You know, I think we could all learn a little something from Mr. Prime.

Indeed, as part of a new promotional campaign for the latest Transformers movie, average human beings like you and me can actually hitch a ride in Optimus’ truck-form using the Uber app.

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Optimus will be coming to three cities throughout the US: He was in Dallas on the 16th, and will be in Phoenix on the 19th, concluding with Los Angeles on the 21st. Once you follow the instructions above (word of warning: Optimus can only be in so many places at once, so expect there to be a bit of a wait), he’ll take you for a fun, 15-minute ride around your neighborhood. Also, as a side note, other Transformers (including Bumblebee) will be available for a ride in the near future.

(via Jalopnik)


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